Saola Animate Software description & Screenshots

Saola Animate is a visual compelling tool for creating HTML5 animations and interactive web content. With outstanding features which boost your creativity: Auto-Keyframe, Sprite Sheet, Scene, Motion Path, Easing, SVG & shapes, Interactivity & Scripting...
You don’t need to be an expert on CSS3 transforms and JavaScript to create impressive HTML5 web animations, you just need Saola Animate.
Saola Animate's keyframe-based animation system can help create animations more easily than ever. Auto-Keyframe mode is a good time-saver since it allows automatically generating keyframes when creating animations.
Simple-to-Advanced Interactivity Saola Animate lets you make any item interactive, with touch support available. It offers the Event Handlers with a wide variety of built-in events and actions. All you need to do is to select the event you want and choose the actions linked to it. Then, preview your work to test the interactivity, and everything's done so quickly and easily.

This is a 3-PC commercial lifetime version of Saola Animate excluding major version upgrades for free.

Saola Animate Short info, system requirements & functions

Short info

Full Version
Type of software
Englisch user interface English  
Download size
66 MB
Part of the DownloadMix
October 2017


Operating system (OS)
Windows 8
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit only).
Memory: 4 GB or more.
Internet connection required.

Functions & features

  • Auto-Keyframe
  • Scene: Scenes split up separate animations
  • Multiple Timelines
  • Sprite Sheet
  • Motion Path
  • Up to 40 easing methods
  • Shape & SVG: A large variety of preset shapes

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