Abelssoft Backup Software description & Screenshots

Abelssoft Backup preserves all of your videos, photos, and music in one fell swoop! If you want to eliminate all fears of a sudden data loss, take precaution—with a regular and secure backup schedule. Abelssoft Backup is a Windows application that every user can easily understand and operate, making backups simple.

The software is even capable of finding all image, video, and music files on each NTFS-Partition and automatically earmarking them for backup. If you are asking how do to easily a safe backup of your files in a easy way, your problems are over. Everything even simpler, faster, and easier to understand; Abelssoft Backup 2015 sports a completely new user interface and allows users to prepare their backups extremely simply, with a click of their mouse.

Easy handling
Automatic selection of graphics, videos, music files, text files or complete directories.

Maximum security
With Abelssoft Backup you are able to create encrypted backups for maximum security.

Automatic backups
Abelssoft Backup can create automatic backups from your system. For example, based on fixed time intervals.

Abelssoft Backup Short info, system requirements & functions

Short info

Full Version
Type of software
Data backup
German user interface German    Englisch user interface English  
Download size
10 MB
Part of the DownloadMix
February 2018


Operating system (OS)
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Windows 10

Functions & features

  • Automation
  • Password Protection
  • High-speed Solution For Backups
  • Backup all files

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